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Fountain of Life; the Adventure of Prince Noon


Imagination is what distinguishes human beings from the rest of creatures. People seek imagination to widen their horizons and form their dreams and visions. This is what this story is about...

Prince Noon's character is distorted because of the excessive pampering he received and his spoilt up-bringing, so he went around destroying everything within his reach. He broke his promises to his beloved and her family. His body shrank to become rat-like. He wandered around with animals and insects, searching for a solution to his dilemma.

Prince Noon thought he was special and above people. Thus, he faced a test which lead him to adventures, risks, and surprises... How did this adventure affect his behavior?

He learned new lessons from nature and other species. He discovered that the life of honesty and sacrifice gives its owner pride that can not be obtained through money or status.

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