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Baderban and the Gates of Old Times







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This series has so far issued two stories, both of which talk about a small school-boy, Baderban, who travels through time in the pages of a book to cultural cities and towns, searching for a solution to problems he faces.

Baderban comes across a book in the old library of his school. He wipes the dust off it, and suddently, two drawn characters start to move. They talk to him, thanking him for freeing them from their state of immobility. They invite him to discover the hidden treasures of these long-forgotten books thrown on the shelves. Baderban agrees to join their adventure to solve his problems.

Mystically, Baderban is drawn into the pages with them; they fly up high between the shelves and over the pages. Entering into a book, they suddenly find themselves inside an ancient Arabian city. Baderban and his two new friends live in a different age, facing situations they never read of in their school books. Despite the hardships and risks they face during their adventure, the experiences implant in him optimistic seeds for a fresh start.

The first story holds the subtitle of "the Virus Fight; the Dark Glove" , while the second story holds the subtitle of "the Crows' Kingdom and the Ship of Wind".

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Baderban Series
Fictious stories that take you through time and legacies. .

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